What is Carefree Clean™ Glass?

One of the biggest concerns people have when considering glass railings is how difficult it will be to maintain the glass panels. No one wants to spend hours cleaning glass. Fortunately, here at eGlass Railing™, all of our glass panels are manufactured to be Carefree Clean™. During the manufacturing process, our glass is treated with an ultra-thin transparent coating that repels both water and oil, and protects against dirt, grime, etching, and staining.

This Carefree Clean™ coating permanently bonds to the glass and will keep your glass looking clean and clear for 10+ years. In addition, because no special cleaners are required to maintain the coating, you can keep your Carefree Clean™ glass beautifully transparent, with just a bit of liquid dish soap and water.

Although it is fine to use other mild cleaners, like glass cleaner, you should never use any abrasive cleaners (like Comet) or cleaners that are either highly acidic or highly basic, as they will damage the Carefree Clean™ coating and can possibly damage the glass itself.

If you live in a hard water area, the Carefree Clean™ coating is especially beneficial. The cleaning process is a bit more involved, but the Carefree Clean™ coating will make it less time-consuming than it would be without it. To clean glass that has mineral, lime, or calcium build up, use a solution of one part white vinegar to five parts warm water. This should be sprayed on the glass and allowed to sit for several minutes to dissolve the build up. This process may need to be repeated until the glass is clear. Pure vinegar can also be used if there is significant build up on the glass.