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Do I need a handrail?

A general code requirement is that a handrail is required on at least one side of a continuous run of 4 or more steps. The building code in your area may have different or additional requirements. It is recommended that you check with the local building code office to determine what codes apply to your project.

What is the warranty?

Our powder-coated finish is warranted for 5 years to not crack, peel, or blister. Aluminum components are warranted to be free from defects in the structure and welds for 10 years. For more in-depth information, see our full warranty.

How does your railing hold up to the elements, specifically, salty air?

Aluminum is an extremely durable and corrosion resistant material. The 6005-T5 aluminum alloy that we use in our products is especially suited to marine environments and our AAMA 2605 powder coating adds another layer of protection. This powder coating exceeds performance standards for humidity and salt-spray, making our eGlass Railing™ systems ideal for use on beach properties.

What glass thickness should I choose?

Glass thickness largely depends on building code, with the minimum thickness being 1/4”. Our eGlass Railing™ systems are designed to work with either 1/4″ (6mm) or 3/8” (10mm) tempered glass panels. We offer 18 pre-designed sizes in both thicknesses that are in-stock and ready-to-ship.

These thicknesses will also work with the Q-Railing Square Line and Q-Line systems, however, the Q-Railing Easy Glass Slim base shoe system requires 1/2″ (12mm) glass panels, which we can special order.

Do I need laminated glass?

Depending on your project and the building code in your area of jurisdiction, you may be required to use laminated glass. This generally occurs when the railing is placed over an area where people may be walking below or where the edges are exposed to potential breakage by having no top rail or cap rail.

Can I cut the glass if the measurements are slightly off?

No, tempered glass cannot be cut after the tempering process. To help you measure and order the correct glass panels for your project see How to Measure for Glass Panels. If your project includes stairs, also see How to Measure for Angled Stair Glass Panels.

Do eGlass Railing™ systems meet building code?

Our railings have been engineered to meet current IRC and IBC, however, the local codes in your area may be different. We recommend that you check with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) first to make sure you will be in compliance with those codes before ordering. For more detailed information, check out Glass Railing Building Codes.

What types of surfaces can railing mount to?

You can install the posts on wood surfaces, composite, vinyl, concrete, stone, brick, or just about any other surface you may have. For certain applications, special mounting hardware may be required.

Which is a stronger mounting style: deck mount or fascia mount?

Fascia mount is generally considered to be stronger because the sides and ends of beams are generally stronger than deck surfaces. The IBC and IRC do not specify a mounting method. It is best to check with the building codes in your area to make sure there is not a specific requirement in terms of mounting style.

What railing height do I need?

The minimum height necessary for railing is 36” in most residential applications. However, some areas may require the higher 42” railing that is required for commercial applications. Other reasons for choosing 42” high railing over 36” high railing is that the top rail is generally above eyeline when seated on a deck allowing for an unobstructed view. It also allows for a greater wind barrier or for more privacy (with the option of frosted glass).

What is the maximum post spacing?

Our systems are engineered for maximum post spacing of 5′.

Will the railing be strong enough when someone leans against it?

The current model building codes require that the top rail of a guard be able to resist a 200 pound point load for residential applications as well as a 50 plf uniform load for commercial applications. Our railing systems are designed to meet these and all other code requirements.

Do you have railing samples available?

If you would like to have a sample of our aluminum in order to see the finish in a certain color, we can provide you with a cut sample.

Can I paint over the powder coating on my railings if I want them to be a different color in the future?

While you can certainly re-paint powder-coated railings by properly preparing them to accept the new paint, we do not recommend it as it will void the warranty.

Can I get a wood top rail?

Our systems are not designed for wood top rail, however, it may be possible to add a wood top rail to our systems by modifying our posts and/or top rails. We do not directly provide wood top rail. It would have to be purchased from another supplier. We do not recommend adding a wood top rail as it will void the warranty.

How are orders shipped?

The type of shipping depends on the system that is ordered. Whenever possible, we ship via UPS. However, due to package size and weight restrictions, some orders will need to be shipped via Worldwide Express, particularly any top rails that are 20 feet long.

Do you ship direct?

Yes, we ship eGlass Railing™ systems directly from our warehouse in Washougal, WA. By selling directly, we are able to eliminate the costs associated with a distributor/dealer and pass that savings on to our customers.

Q-Railing systems are shipped directly from their warehouse in Tustin, CA.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. In fact, we will ship worldwide.

Can I pick up from your warehouse?

If you are located in or near the Washougal, Washington area, we would be happy to arrange for order pickup at our Washougal warehouse. Just let your estimator know that you would like to place a Will Call order and arrangements can be made for you to do so.

How long will it take to receive my order after it is placed?

Standard lead time is about one week, but seasonality and custom orders may increase lead time.

How do I get an estimate?

The quickest and easiest way to get an estimate is to click on the green “Request Free Estimate” button, which is located at the top of every page on the website. Fill out the form as completely as possible. If you have questions about the different choices, scroll over “Help Me Choose” to get more information or contact us for additional assistance. Please make sure to give us the dimensions of your project as it is impossible to provide an estimate without these numbers. A simple sketch with the dimensions listed is all that is needed, but you may also upload any drawings or photos that you think would be helpful in producing an estimate. Use the comments section to detail anything we may need to consider when putting together an estimate (type of surface you will be attaching the railing to, if you would like an estimate in more than one railing style, if you plan to use more than one mounting style — for example, fascia on deck and top mount on stairs, etc.). Once we have the necessary information, we will produce an estimate and a CAD of your project, typically within 48 hours. You may also call 1.855.578.7017 and an estimator will assist you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and major credit cards.

What is a glass clamp safety plate and do I need one?

Glass clamps can be ordered with an optional safety plate that fits in the bottom of the clamp and keeps the glass from sliding down. In some areas, building code may require safety plates for fascia mounted systems, particularly if the railing is over an area where people may be walking below. Be sure to check with your local building code office for the requirements in your area.

What is the lead time?

In-house materials can ship out in as little as a week. If custom glass is involved, 4-6 weeks is the average time it takes for a product to ship out. These times are subject to change. Keep in mind, this doesn’t include freight or shipping time incurred by shipping companies.

How do the clamps mount to the posts?

In the instruction manual there will be a diagram that will show you how to secure the clamps to posts as well as a drill guide on where to drill on the posts.

Can you put a top rail on it?

Yes, we can put a top rail on our frameless systems. Please see continuous top rail and element options to specify what style you would like and let your sales person know this is something you would like to do. This will make the system more expensive.

Can I go higher than 42 inch railing?

Depending on state codes, you may be able to increase the height but it will need more clamps and you will need custom glass and custom posts. A 56 inch post is the tallest post we can offer.

Can this be an interior railing?

Yes, it can be. All of our systems are rated for indoor and outdoor environments.

Does the top rail arrive cut to size?

Element rails will arrive prefabricated and cut to either 20ft or 5ft sticks. These can then be cut shorter as needed. Most applications will only require 5ft or less of rail between posts, so our 5ft option is the most popular and most pragmatic, as it will make shipping and installation cheaper and easier.

What size glass is needed for the base shoe system?

Between a half inch and one inch is what we can accommodate, 11/16” glass is required by most state codes for no cap rail.

Can structural glass systems be mounted to concrete and wood?

Yes, there are different anchor screws for both wood and concrete that we offer. Check with your local building authority for embedment requirements unique to your area.

What is the largest panel that I can get?

Our largest glass panel has to be less than 4 feet in width and no more than 42” height.

How wide do I space out my panels?

Code requires spacing to be more than half an inch.

Do you offer laminated (privacy, tinted) glass?

Yes, we do. We can custom order glass to meet customer specifications but this will increase the lead time.

Does the top rail arrive cut to size or with custom specifications?

No, it comes in a 20ft stick. You will need a miter saw to cut it and we will give you instructions on how to do so.

Do you have installers?

No, we do not have in-house installers because we ship worldwide. However our sales team is happy to assist you in finding a capable installer in your area.

How easy is it to install?

Our systems were designed to be DIY-friendly, although we recommend customers reach out to installers or contractors for guidance. It is also recommended to have at least two people present to install. If you are a mid to high level do it yourselfer and know how to operate a miter saw you can likely install our railing.

How strong is the glass?

Tempered glass has a minimum surface compression of 10,000 pounds-per-square-inch (psi) and minimum edge compression of 9,700 psi, according to ASTM C1048. That makes it about four times stronger than annealed glass.

What is the advantage to choosing eGlass Railing™ over other railing companies?

Our eGlass Railing™ systems have been engineered to eliminate noisy wind vibrations, resulting in increased structural integrity for durable, long-lasting systems. All of our glass panels feature Carefree Clean™ coating which protects against grime, etching, and staining while repelling both oil and water. In addition, our eGlass Railing™ systems save both money and time. They save you money because you buy directly from the company, with no distributor/dealer markup. They save time by having everything you need for your project shipped at the same time, instead of waiting for glass* to be shipped separately.

*Applies to straight glass panels only. Custom cut angled glass panels will need to be ordered and shipped separately.

How much do your railing systems cost?

Our least expensive eGlass Railing™ system is our eGlass Picket™ system which has a base price of $155 per linear foot. Our most expensive eGlass Railing™ system is our eGlass Solid™ system which has a base price of $175 per linear foot. For more information about railing costs, check out our Glass Railing Cost Comparison page.

Are eGlass Railing™ systems DIY friendly?

Our eGlass Railing™ systems were designed for the average Do-It-Yourselfer to be able to assemble and install. A basic understanding of construction techniques and the tools to be used for the project is recommended. You can check out our installation instructions to get a better idea if this is a project you feel you can tackle yourself or if you will need to hire a professional to do the project.

What hardware and tools will I need for installation?

All of our eGlass Railing™ systems come with the hardware needed to complete your project on wood or concrete surfaces. For other surfaces, you may need to acquire additional hardware. For most systems, you will need safety gear, measuring and leveling tools, an electric drill with drill and drive bits, an electric grinder, and a chop saw. Check our system installation instructions for a more detailed list of the tools needed for your project.

Will I need to do any welding on eGlass systems?

No, our systems are designed to be customizable with components that do not require welding.

Do posts and rails come cut to size? Do I need to trim posts and rails?

Posts and rails can be trimmed to size, as needed, at the project site. When trimming posts and rails, use touch up paint on the cut ends to protect them from potential corrosion.

Do you have a showroom that I can visit?

We do not have a formal showroom, but our office in Washougal, WA does have some sample railings that you may view if you happen to be in the area. We recommend calling ahead to make sure someone is available to assist you during your visit.