Step-by-Step Buying Guide

Step 1:

Measure the area(s) where you would like guard rails and/or stair rails. Sketch the layout of your project with the measurements or provide at least one photo of your project with the measurements detailed on the photo(s). For more detailed information see How to Submit Project Measurements and/or How to Measure for Stair Railing.

Step 2:

Click on the red "Request Free Estimate" button at the top of any page of the eGlass Railing website and fill out the form. Be sure to attach your sketch and/or photos.

Step 3:

Once your request has been received, you will be contacted for any clarifications or questions.

Step 4:

An estimator will put together an estimate of your project and provide it to you via email, typically within 2 business days. If your estimate is for an eGlass system, it will include CAD drawings of your project. Q-Railing estimates will not include these drawings because they are estimated by Q-Railing estimators and that service is not provided for free as it is with eGlass Railing.

Step 5:

Once you receive the estimate, let us know if you have any questions or changes.

Step 6:

Approve the estimate (after any changes, if necessary) and place your order.

Step 7:

You will receive a Sales Order with Terms and Conditions for you to sign and a credit card authorization form for payment. Once payment has been received, we will begin processing your order.

Step 8:

Your order will typically ship within 48 hours of order placement. Depending on your location, shipping will generally take between 2 (west coast) and 5 (east coast) business days.