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Glass Railing Cost Comparison
While glass railing can be expensive up front, its longevity, durability, and low maintenance can make it less expensive than other railing types in the long run.

Wood railings are typically the least expensive per linear foot (about $20-$25 per LF), however, they require frequent upkeep, like painting, staining, and sanding. Even with regular maintenance, they will eventually fade, warp, splinter, rot, split, or get insect infested and need to be replaced, generally within 10-15 years. Vinyl railings are another lower cost option ($20-$40 per LF) and have the potential to last 30+ years depending on how well they are taken care of, but they tend to peel, split, or develop mildew on them within a few years.

Mid-range options are wrought iron ($50-$120 per LF), composite ($60-$140 per LF), and cable ($60-$110 per LF). Wrought iron can last a lifetime, however, it must be painted frequently to prevent corrosion. Like vinyl, composite railing can last for 30+ years, but may fade or stain over time. Cable railing can last for decades when properly maintained through periodic tension adjustment on the cables and applying a passivator to prevent corrosion and staining.

Aluminum railings are a mid-range option ($65-$105 per LF) when aluminum infill is used like our eGlass Picket™ system. Aluminum is durable, corrosion resistant (especially when powder coated), and also fire resistant. With glass as the infill, like our eGlass Element™, eGlass Solid™, and eGlass Vision™ systems, the price increases, but so does the visibility. With our Carefree Clean™ coating, the glass panels can be cleaned just as easily as the aluminum parts (with a little dish soap and water), making them considerably less expensive to maintain than other railing options, like wood. With just a little bit of care, your railings will look great for decades to come.

For the eGlass system glass railing cost comparisons below, the base price was calculated by estimating a simple 10-foot straight section of railing consisting of three posts and two 55.625" panels of 1/4" glass for a finished railing height of 36". For the eGlass Picket™ system the glass panels were replaced with 20 pickets and an eGlass Element™ system top rail was used.

eGlass Railings (by System) System Pieces Base Price
  • eGlass Element™ Posts

  • eGlass Element™ Rails

  • eGlass Railing™ Glass
  • $80 per LF
  • eGlass Solid™ Posts

  • eGlass Solid™ Rails

  • eGlass Railing™ Glass
  • $95 per LF
  • eGlass Vision™ Posts

  • eGlass Vision™ Clamps

  • eGlass Railing™ Glass
  • $70 per LF
  • eGlass Picket™ Posts

  • eGlass Picket™ Rails

  • eGlass Picket™ Picket Infill
  • $80 per LF