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ITEM NUMBER: glass-railing-tempered-glass

Tempered Glass Panel for 36" System

Part of these systems: ElementSolid Vision
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Product Description

Use these tempered glass panels to provide safety and strength as the infill in your 36" final height railing system. With 18 glass panel sizes in stock and ready-to-ship, you never have to wait for glass to be ordered separately to complete your project. All 18 sizes are available in either a 1/4" thickness or a 3/8" thickness. Contact one of our estimators for assistance calculating panel dimensions.

Features & Benefits:
  • Glass panels are in stock and ready-to-ship
  • Coated to be Carefree Clean™
  • Available in either 1/4" or 3/8" thicknesses

  • Assembly Includes:


    1. Shipping Note: Glass cannot be shipped via UPS. Freight shipment is required.
    2. Glass Note: Glass edges are extremely fragile. Use caution when handling.
    3. Lift Note: Larger glass panels are very heavy. At least two people will be required when lifting and installing these panels.

    Product Number(s): RAAF-G2-08, RAAF-G2-12, RAAF-G2-16, RAAF-G2-20, RAAF-G2-24, RAAF-G2-28, RAAF-G2-32, RAAF-G2-36, RAAF-G2-40, RAAF-G2-44, RAAF-G2-45, RAAF-G2-47, RAAF-G2-48, RAAF-G2-50, RAAF-G2-51, RAAF-G2-53, RAAF-G2-54, RAAF-G2-56, RAAF-G3-08, RAAF-G3-12, RAAF-G3-16, RAAF-G3-20, RAAF-G3-24, RAAF-G3-28, RAAF-G3-32, RAAF-G3-36, RAAF-G3-40, RAAF-G3-44, RAAF-G3-45, RAAF-G3-47, RAAF-G3-48, RAAF-G3-50, RAAF-G3-51, RAAF-G3-53, RAAF-G3-54, RAAF-G3-56


    1/4in. Glass Panels for 36
    3/8in. Glass Panels for 36
    Material Finish Height Thickness Options
    Fully Tempered Glass Carefree Clean™ Coating 32.5" for 36" final height system 1/4" or 3/8"

    Full PDF Specs: 1/4in. Glass Panels, 3/8in. Glass Panels

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