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Hex bolt with the included washers and hex nut
All size options for the hex bolt attachment hardware
ITEM NUMBER: railing-post-through-bolt

Through-Bolt Post Attachment Hardware

Part of these systems: ElementSolid VisionPicket
SELECTED GRADE:Stainless 304
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Product Description

Use these hex bolts, nuts, and washers to attach your glass railing posts to any surface. Select the desired length and material above.

Features & Benefits:
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel is resilient and economical. Suitable for most applications
  • Grade 316 Stainless Steel is a premium grade that better withstands corrosive environments
  • Can be used to deck or fascia mount any post
  • Compatible with our decorative vinyl caps

  • Assembly Includes:
  • 1ea HEX BOLT
  • 1ea HEX NUT
  • 2ea WASHERS

  • Product Number(s): STD-HB-375-10, STD-HB-375-15, STD-HB-375-20, STD-HB-375-25, STD-HB-375-40, STD-HB-375-45, STD-HB-375-50, STD-HB-375-55, STD-HB-375-60, STD-HB-375-65, STD-HB-375-70, STD-HB-375-75, STD-HB-375-80, STD-HBME-375-10, STD-HBME-375-20, STD-HBME-375-25, STD-HBME-375-40, STD-HBME-375-50, STD-HBME-375-55, STD-HBME-375-60, STD-HBME-375-65, STD-HBME-375-70, STD-HBME-375-80, STD-HBME-500-10, STD-HBME-500-20, STD-HBME-500-25, STD-HBME-500-40, STD-HBME-500-50, STD-HBME-500-55, STD-HBME-500-60, STD-HBME-500-65, STD-HBME-500-70, STD-HBME-500-80