Top Rail Comparison

All of our eGlass Railing™ systems were designed with safety in mind, but with three top rail options providing unique features and benefits, you don't have to sacrifice aesthetics for function.

Our 800 Series Top Rail is our thinnest option, at just 2" wide, providing minimal view obstruction. When used as part of our eGlass Element™ post-to-post system, it can be configured to meet the needs of nearly any project layout. Add Post Cap Saddle Brackets to provide continuous support during elevation changes, like stairs and ramps, or to create a mix of post-to-post and continuous styles.

Our 810 Series Top Rail has a classic, framed look while providing a 3" wide, usable surface. When used as part of our eGlass Solid™ continuous system, it creates a streamlined look by running over the top of the posts. Our patent pending Top Rail Mounting Bracket seamlessly connects rails to the posts so that none of the connecting hardware is visible.

Our 820 Series Top Rail was engineered to meet building code standards for a graspable handrail. Designed to work with our eGlass Solid™ and eGlass Picket™ systems, the side indentations make this rail easy to grasp for support on stairs and ramps.