What is Gorge-Tested™

A great aspect of living in the Pacific Northwest is being close enough to enjoy the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, an area separating Washington state from Oregon state and stretching 80 miles east of the Portland metropolitan area. Carved by the Columbia River, the Columbia River Gorge is a scenic paradise frequented by outdoor enthusiasts. It is especially popular for windsurfing and kiteboarding due to a wind tunnel effect that regularly results in sustained winds of 35 miles per hour and wind gusts that can reach 100+ miles per hour.

Transitioning from a temperate rainforest on the west end receiving an average of 100 inches of rain annually, to a dryer grassland area to the east that can see as few as 10 inches of rain each year, the Columbia River Gorge sees extreme weather, including ice storms in the winter and 100+ temperatures in the summer. These weather extremes make it an ideal environment to “gorge-test” the durability of our glass railings.

A main consideration in choosing eGlass Railing™ is often to gain an unobstructed view of the property’s surroundings. However, eGlass Railing™ systems are also an excellent wind break. This is especially valuable in a windy area like the Columbia River Gorge or in coastal areas, where ocean breezes can become severe.

On windy days or in particularly windy areas, other glass railings can be plagued by noisy vibrations, but at eGlass Railing™, we have specially engineered our vinyl inserts to eliminate wind rattle. Not only does this provide a much more peaceful product, but it increases the structural integrity of the railing, allowing it to endure the elements for many years.

Gorge-Tested™ epitomizes the Pacific Northwest, where ingenuity and perseverance have been integral to the area since before Lewis and Clark led their expedition west along the Columbia River Gorge. Gorge-Tested™ means structurally engineered to meet or exceed building codes. Gorge-Tested™, means you have chosen a product designed with excellence and longevity in mind.