Project #100958: Fascia Mount Style Comparison

For this project, the customer originally wanted to use a fascia mount without brackets and later decided to have the project quoted with brackets for comparison. The estimated cost to include brackets for this project is less than $400 more than without brackets.

NOTE: Fascia mounting without brackets may not meet code in all areas, so be sure to check the building code in your area before ordering a system without brackets.

System: eGlass Vision™
Mount: FasciaFascia w/o Brackets
Clamp Style: Square Clamp
Infill: Tempered Glass Panel
Glass Thickness: 3/8”
Finished Rail Height: 36”
Color: Silver
Estimated Cost*: $3,879.45 for Fascia Mount, $3,516.05 for Fascia Mount w/o Brackets
*Does not include custom cut angled glass panels, shipping, or tax, where applicable.