Project #100946: Attaching Clamps to Posts or Pillars

For this eGlass Vision™ project, pillars on the deck were integrated into the railing design. In one design, aluminum posts are used next to the pillars. In the second design, the clamps are attached directly to the pillars where possible. The estimated cost savings of attaching directly to the pillars would be just over $1,200, not including the lag bolts that would be needed for attaching the glass clamps to the pillars, which would vary based on surface type.

System: eGlass Vision™
Mount: Deck
Clamp Style: Square Clamp
Infill: Tempered Glass PanelCustom Angled Tempered Glass Panels
Glass Thickness: 1/4”
Finished Rail Height: 36”
Color: Silver
Estimated Cost*: $6,728.40 for all posts, $5,489.85 for posts and pillars
*Does not include custom cut angled glass panels, shipping, or tax, where applicable.