Project #100940: Fascia Mount with and without Brackets

This fascia mount deck railing can be installed with or without fascia mount brackets. If no brackets are used, double posts are necessary at the corners. The estimated cost savings without brackets is just under $650.

NOTE: Building code may require brackets in your area. Be sure to verify the building code in your area before ordering a fascia mount system without brackets.

System: eGlass Vision™
Mount: FasciaFascia w/o Brackets
Clamp Style: Square Clamp
Infill: Tempered Glass Panel
Glass Thickness: 3/8”
Finished Rail Height: 36”
Color: White
Estimated Cost*: $4,830.65 for Fascia Mount, $4,189.25 for Fascia Mount w/o Brackets
*Does not include custom cut angled glass panels, shipping, or tax, where applicable.