Project #100939: Combining Solid Top Rail with Graspable Handrail

Our 820 Series top rail has an integrated hand rail designed to meet building code. It most closely matches our 810 Series Solid top rail, prompting this customer to request a transition from a Solid 810 Series top rail on the deck to an 820 Series top rail for the staircase. To make this transition work, four posts were required at the top of the stairs. The Input Layout shown in the images was provided by the customer. As indicated by the blue oval, the Output Layout was increased an additional 6” (with customer permission) in order to keep the desired fascia mounting and still have room to attach the posts to the deck and left hand stair railing.

System: eGlass Solid™
Mount: Fascia w/o Brackets
Top Rail: 810 Series Top Rail820 Series Top Rail
Connecting Hardware: Rail Connecting BlockTop Rail Mounting Bracket
Stair Transition Hardware: Hinged Rail Connecting Block for Stairs
Infill: Tempered Glass PanelCustom Angled Tempered Glass Panels
Glass Thickness: 1/4”
Finished Rail Height: 36”
Color: Silver
Estimated Cost*: $6,108.10
*Does not include custom cut angled glass panels, shipping, or tax, where applicable.