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Our eGlass Solid™ top rail has a wider, more traditional profile that results in a classic beautifully framed view. This top rail design runs over the top of the posts, creating a sleek, seamless look. Made from 6061-T6 grade aluminum, our eGlass Solid™ railing components, including top rail infills and bottom rails, are engineered to be strong, yet lightweight for ease of installation. Our eGlass Solid™ end plates are a finishing component to the exposed ends of your top rails, serving both safety and decorative purposes.

Protected with AAMA 2605 powder coat in a choice of four colors, our rails are durable and will withstand the elements season after season without rust, corrosion, decay or insect infestation. Maintenance is minimal, with no more than a light cleaning with a mild soap and water, once or twice a year. Our aluminum rails are an eco-friendly choice made from 50% recycled aluminum and completely recyclable.

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