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Our eGlass Picket™ system is compatible with all of the top rails used in our glass systems, allowing for seamless transition between glass and picket infill.

The 800 Series Top Rail is sleek and stylish with a slim profile that allows you to focus on your view, not on your railing. This top rail design runs post to post, making it ideal for layouts with curves and angles. This rail is also part of the eGlass Element™ system.

The 810 Series Top Rail has a wider, more traditional profile that results in a classic, beautifully framed view. This top rail design runs over the top of the posts, creating a sleek, seamless look. This rail is also part of the eGlass Solid™ system.

The 820 Series Top Rail is both continuous and graspable, meeting building code for stair handrail requirements. This rail is also part of the eGlass Solid™ system.

No matter which top rail style you choose, all of our eGlass Railing™ railing components are made from 6061-T6 grade aluminum, including top rail infills and bottom rails, and are engineered to be strong, yet lightweight for ease of installation. Protected with AAMA 2605 powder coat in a choice of four colors, our rails are durable and will withstand the elements season after season without rust, corrosion, decay or insect infestation. Maintenance is minimal, involving no more than a light cleaning with mild soap and water, once or twice a year. Our aluminum rails are an eco-friendly choice made from 50% recycled aluminum and are completely recyclable.

Frequently Asked

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How much do your railing systems cost?
Our least expensive eGlass Railing™ system is our eGlass Picket™ system which has a base price of $75 per linear foot. Our most expensive eGlass Railing™ system is our eGlass Solid™ system which has a base price of $95 per linear foot. For more information about railing costs, check out our Glass Railing Cost Comparison page.
Are eGlass Railing™ systems DIY friendly?
Our eGlass Railing™ systems were designed for the average Do-It-Yourselfer to be able to assemble and install. A basic understanding of construction techniques and the tools to be used for the project is recommended. You can check out our installation instructions to get a better idea if this is a project you feel you can tackle yourself or if you will need to hire a professional to do the project.
What hardware and tools will I need for installation?
All of our eGlass Railing™ systems come with the hardware needed to complete your project on wood or concrete surfaces. For other surfaces, you may need to acquire additional hardware. For most systems, you will need safety gear, measuring and leveling tools, an electric drill with drill and drive bits, an electric grinder, and a chop saw. Check our system installation instructions for a more detailed list of the tools needed for your project.
Will I need to do any welding on eGlass systems?
Will I need to do any welding on eGlass systems?
Do you have a warranty?
Our powder-coated finish is warranted for 5 years to not crack, peel, or blister. Aluminum components are warranted to be free from defects in the structure and welds for 10 years. For more in-depth information, see our warranty / guarantee.