Project #100930: Top Rail Comparison including Graspable Handrail

A simple line drawing with measurements is the minimum of what we need to produce an estimate for a project. From the line drawing, we are able to produce a CAD with measurements indicating post placement and a 3D render which provides an example of what the railing will look like for a project. Three CADs were produced for this customer for a visual and cost comparison.

System: eGlass Element™eGlass Solid™
Mount: Deck
Top Rail: 800 Series Top Rail810 Series Top Rail820 Series Top Rail
Connecting Hardware: Rail Connecting BlockTop Rail Mounting Bracket
Infill: Tempered Glass Panel
Glass Thickness: 1/4"
Finished Rail Height: 36”
Color: Black
Estimated Cost*: $2,112.55 for Element, $2,292.10 for Solid, $2,419.70 for 820 Series
*Does not include custom cut angled glass panels, shipping, or tax, where applicable.