Project #100955: Comparing Element, Solid, & Vision Systems

Some customers know exactly the type of railing they would like when they request an estimate, but for others the decision is less certain. For this project, the customer requested an estimate for all three of our glass panel systems, eGlass Element™eGlass Solid™, and eGlass Vision™. The cost difference between the three systems for this project is less than $60.

System: eGlass Element™eGlass Solid™eGlass Vision™
Mount: Deck
Top Rail: 800 Series Top Rail for Element, 810 Series Top Rail for Solid
Clamp Style: Square Clamp for Vision
Connecting Hardware: Rail Connecting Block for Element & Solid, Top Rail Mounting Bracket for Solid
Infill: Tempered Glass Panel
Glass Thickness: 3/8”
Finished Rail Height: 42”
Color: Black
Estimated Cost*: $2,714.00 for Element, $2773.00 for Solid, $2,730.30 for Vision
*Does not include custom cut angled glass panels, shipping, or tax, where applicable.