Tempered Glass Panel for 42″ System


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Use these tempered glass panels to provide safety and strength as the infill in your 42″ final height railing system. With 26 glass panel sizes in stock and ready-to-ship, you never have to wait for glass to be ordered separately to complete your project. Sizes are available in a 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ thickness. Contact one of our estimators for assistance calculating panel dimensions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Glass panels are in stock and ready-to-ship
  • Coated to be Carefree Clean™
  • Available in 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ thicknesses
  • 1/2″ panels are for Q-Railing Base Shoe systems (will not fit eGlass Railing systems)
  • System instructions provided for DIY installation

Assembly Includes:



Shipping Note: Glass cannot be shipped via UPS. Freight shipment is required.

Glass Note: Glass edges are extremely fragile. Use caution when handling.

Lift Note: Larger glass panels are very heavy. At least two people will be required when lifting and installing these panels.


Product Number(s): CAAF-G2-08, CAAF-G2-12, CAAF-G2-16, CAAF-G2-20, CAAF-G2-24, CAAF-G2-28, CAAF-G2-32, CAAF-G2-36, CAAF-G2-40, CAAF-G2-44, CAAF-G2-45, CAAF-G2-47, CAAF-G2-48, CAAF-G2-50, CAAF-G2-51, CAAF-G2-53, CAAF-G2-54, CAAF-G2-56, CAAF-G3-08, CAAF-G3-12, CAAF-G3-16, CAAF-G3-20, CAAF-G3-24, CAAF-G3-28, CAAF-G3-32, CAAF-G3-36, CAAF-G3-40, CAAF-G3-44, CAAF-G3-45, CAAF-G3-47, CAAF-G3-48, CAAF-G3-50, CAAF-G3-51, CAAF-G3-53, CAAF-G3-54, CAAF-G3-56, CADF-G5-40, CADF-G5-42, CADF-G5-45, CADF-G5-47, CAFF-G5-40, CAFF-G5-42, CAFF-G5-45, CAFF-G5-47


Material Finish Height Thickness Options
Fully Tempered Glass Carefree Clean™ Coating 38.5", 41.4", or 47.8" for 42" final height system 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2"

Additional information

Weight 10.19 lbs
Dimensions N/A

1/4in, 3/8in, 1/2in


7.625in, 11.625in, 15.625in, 19.625in, 23.625in, 27.625in, 31.625in, 35.625in, 39.625in, 40.25in (for 1/2in Deck Mount), 40.25in (for 1/2in Fascia Mount), 42.75in (for 1/2in Deck Mount), 42.75in (for 1/2in Fascia Mount), 43.625in, 45.125in, 45.25in (for 1/2in Deck Mount), 45.25in (for 1/2in Fascia Mount), 46.625in, 47.75in (for 1/2in Deck Mount), 47.75in (for 1/2in Fascia Mount), 48.125in, 49.625in, 51.125in, 52.625in, 54.125in, 55.625in


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