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Rail Connecting Block Kit

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Use the Inline Rail Connecting Blocks to securely attach eGlass Element™ and eGlass Picket™ top rails and bottom rails to posts, as well as bottom rails in the eGlass Solid™ system. Use the Hinged Rail Connecting Blocks (patent pending) to securely attach top rails and bottom rails to posts on stairways or ramps.

For 800 Series Top Rail, purchase two kits per glass panel.
For 810 Series Top Rail or for 820 Series Top Rail, purchase one kit per glass panel.

Features & Benefits:
  • Hinged Rail Connecting Blocks are patent pending
  • Made of 6061-T6 aluminum for strength
  • System instructions included for DIY installation

  • RCB Assembly Includes:
  • 4ea #8 x 2" HEX WASHER TEK SCREW
  • 2ea #8 x 7/16" PH TEK SCREWS

  • Product Number(s): PACK-RC-01, PACK-RC-02, PACK-RC-03, PACK-RC-04, PACK-RC-05, PACK-RC-06
    Rail Connecting Block
    Spacer for 1/4
    Spacer for 3/8
    Material Dimensions Warranty
    AL 6005-T5 Alloy 1.25" x 1" x 1.5" 10-year (5-year Florida)

    Full PDF Specs: Rail Connecting Block, Spacer for 1/4" Angled Glass, Spacer for 3/8" Angled Glass

    Full Application Images: Stair RCB Installation & Stair Top Rail Installation for Picket